Take the guesswork out of label and ribbon selection. With all of the products available for the various manufacturers and printer lines, the list of product choices is extensive.  With the BCW product selector, we make product selection easy.  Simply select the manufacturer, printer model, product type, material type and approximate size from the drop down lists displayed.  The matching products will display below.
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The BCW Premium Wax Ribbon is a best-in-class, resin-enhanced wax formulation for high-quality printing on coated and uncoated paper facestocks. The ink provides excellent print quality of barcodes, very small text, large characters and logos at a blackness above 2.1 (ODR). Recommended applications include shipping labels, retail tags, pharmaceutical labels, general ticketing and shelf labels. Prints at speeds up to 12 inches per second.
The BCW Premium Wax/Resin ribbon is designed to print on a wide variety of receiving material including coated and uncoated paper labels, varnished label stock and films. With reliable, sharp-edge print quality capabilities at a wide variety of printing speeds, the BCW Premium Wax/Resin ribbon offers excellent barcode scanning, extreme versatility and superior smudge and chemical resistance. Recommended applications include point-of purchase labels, shipping labels, storage labels, horticulture tags, lumber tags and chemical drum labels.
4150160FBW057P80.50"2.25"244'Wax / Resin12$2.89$34.72
The BCW Resin Supreme Ribbon is the most durable chemical resistant resin ribbon available. This ribbon prints at high speeds, up to 10 IPS, while maintaining crisp images, and rotated and non-rotated barcodes. The BCW Resin Supreme Ribbon features resistance to harsh chemicals making it the ideal ribbon for demanding chemical contact labeling. The BCW Resin Supreme ribbon is UL recognized and provides heat resistance to over 400°F. Recommended applications include automotive underhood labels, chemical drum labeling and pharmaceutical labels.

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