TTP-225 Thermal

TSC TTP-225 Thermal Transfer Printers

The TTP-225 offers standard memory of 4 MB FLASH, 8 MB SDRAM and is equipped with a 200mhz processor for fast label processing in a 203 dpi resolution. The TTP-225 prints at a blazing 5 ips, 25% faster than the Zebra TLP2824. All TSC Printers support TSC, EPL (Eltron) and ZPL (Zebra) programming languages.

The TTP-225 features a large center biased media capacity that holds up to a 5 OD roll on a 1 core. All TSC desktop printers provide an adjustable media sensor for use with gap, black mark and notch media. Also standard with the TTP-225 is Bartender Ultralite labeling software. All TSC Printers carry an industry leading 2 year limited warranty, twice that of Zebra. 
TSC TTP-225 DT / TT Printer 99-040A010-0001 

TSC TTP-225 DT / TT Printer 99-040A010-0001

  List Price $425.00

Model 99-040A010-0001, 203 DPI, 5 IPS Print Speed, 8MB DRAM, 4MB Flash, Adj Media Sensor, Serial, USB, US Plug, TPL Language, ZPL Language, EPL Language, Bartender Lite.

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